Steve's Experimental Intarsia Projects

I think some of these work and should be made available as plans. When I get around to it. Others should be given a quiet burial at sea. I'll let you decide. Get in touch about any you'd like to have a go at.

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We sold out of this Aussie Animals design some time ago and have never got around to reprinting it. Maybe I should.This is how male kangaroos fight. Balance on their tail and try to rip open their opponents stomach with their hind feet. You can tell it's an early design by the lousy photography.A bit too hunched up and the mouth isn't quite right.This is one of my designs that I've never got around to making myself. But Ralph did and made it free standing which I would not have thought of.
Ralph took this photo in front of a mirror. He wrote the timbers on the back.We knew that frogs were popular and we needed a design. This was a particularly dull early attempt.Just the background got changed on this one.
I don't mind this design.An early attempt at a koalaI'm about to reprint this one. I like it.Gordon made one and added a painted backing.
This design was inspired by an Australia Post stamp. Might have worked as a stamp, not so sure as an intarsia.We should have a good pelican design but this one needs a little more thought.This one was published in the Australian Woodworker magazine a few years ago.I had a design with 2 pigs. This was one of them.
This was the other one.Some customers liked it. This guy made 2 of them.And some more pigs. Maybe I should reprint it.We have a friendly looking shark in our range. This is a more dangerous version.
An HJ ute. Aussies understand. Everyone else, an early Holden pick up truck. I've never made this design although it's one of mine. Sandra made this one.

If you've enjoyed these photos but think your own work is better, why not send me your images and I'll add them to a gallery.

Most of these photos were taken by woodworkers. The quality, as you will see, varies from "not too bad" to "not very good".

Taking good photos of your work is not rocket science and well worth the small amount of effort required. Your basic digital camera is fine if you get the lighting correct. Learn how with this "Taking Good Product Shots" article.

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