Customer's Original Intarsia Designs

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Keith donated this original African scene to his local hospital where it was auctioned and raised $1500.Bulldog's version of the ex-governorI was introduced to Keith a few years ago when he was well into his mature years, pretty old, and he'd just completed a couple of his own designs.I wonder where Bob went for his holidays?
Keith is also a cricket enthusiast.Ralph sent me this photo of his crocodile which I think is one of his original designs.Prolific Ray with yet another of his own designs. This may be a currawong.Alan's exhibition.
This nice little hen came from Bill. Maybe his original design, maybe not.I wish I knew more about this design from Barrie. Pretty darn impressive.Ray created this original design and used a torch to get some of the coloursI know that this is yet another original from Ray.
This numbat is another from Ray.Bill sent me this woolly ram.Ray made this one from a free design from Woodworking for Mere MortalsAnother of Allan's originals to go with Horney.
This is Horney!This is Allan's first attempt at a Swan Lake intarsia. But he wasn't happy with the way the swan's tails interfered with the background so he redesigned it.This is the revised version. I understand about making sure the background doesn't interfere with the main focus of the design.
Some of Ray's prolific output.A sulphur crested cockatoo from Ray.Ray told me he drew up the design based on a photo he saw in a magazine.This is the slightly less friendly version.

If you've enjoyed these photos but think your own work is better, why not send me your images and I'll add them to a gallery.

Most of these photos were taken by woodworkers. The quality, as you will see, varies from "not too bad" to "not very good".

Taking good photos of your work is not rocket science and well worth the small amount of effort required. Your basic digital camera is fine if you get the lighting correct. Learn how with this "Taking Good Product Shots" article.

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